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Customer Service 

Learn the best practices of Customer Service Training in Hospitality; whether you are a Customer Service professional, a manager, or looking to improve your skills, this course is open to anyone from any industry. 

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Based on the National Operational Standards program - NOS 

Get your Badge! Demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and competencies to get awarded. Our badging program is a digital form of certification for individuals who demonstrate a level of competences against a set of criteria and submission of a list of evidence.

It specifies the standards of performance an individual must achieve when carrying out a function in the workplace together with the knowledge and understanding they need to meet that standard consistently.

Three badges Bronze, Silver and Gold in all areas of the hospitality industry.

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This program offers a series of training packages specialized in specifics roles and tasks applied in the industry. It aims to prepare and develop qualified and specialized manpower to work in a short period of time to fill and localize the sector’s jobs.

Take your career to the next level. This program is adapted to match the market needs and expectations. Get certified after completion of one of our packages. It provides intensive classroom sessions, online and practical courses.




In collaboration with the Lausanne Hospitality School in Switzerland, the QOOT Academy offers an integrated leadership development program that includes the following tracks: 

  • Develop leadership and supervisory skills 

  • Building the knowledge capacity required for leadership positions 

 It includes: 

  • Financial Management        

  • Strategic Management and Development 

  • Marketing and Sales Department 

  • Supply and operating chain management 


Delivered online, this program focuses on developing management and leadership skills as well as building basic knowledge by industry experts. The trainees will receive an accredited certificate from EHL and from the QOOT Academy. 



Start your own business – Become an entrepreneur.

Our integrated entrepreneurship program in the restaurant and café sectors includes Creating and developing the concept. Planning & Engineering of the customer experience. Menu Engineering and pricing. Sales & marketing tools and methods. Business plan and financial model.

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