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Hotel Administration Diploma

This diploma program is designed for the learner to acquire the competencies and knowledge required to be fully operational across multiple departments of a hotel with a focus on administrative duties following first-class hospitality operations standards.

Diploma Duration: 24 Months 


Culinary Art Professional Diploma

In this exciting pathway, students will acquire the skills to work in a large kitchen of a hotel. They will begin by learning the core practical skills in all areas of the kitchen and move into obtaining a more in depth understanding of the supervisory side of a large kitchen, to include menu planning, food safety, cost control, and quality.

The career of a chef is fast paced, vibrant, diverse, and exciting. You will interact with many different types of ingredients, acquire the knowledge to create delicious dishes and become inspired to develop your own creations.

Students will then complete a final practical internship to apply the skills and knowledge obtained in the classroom. 

Diploma Duration: 24 Months 

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Food & Beverages Service Professional Diploma


Learners will acquire the competencies, knowledge and mindset to work in the vibrant Food and Beverage department.

The hotels food and beverage department is fast paced, ever changing and is the perfect choice for individuals wanting to interact with different customers and provide a memorable food and dining experience.

Learners will gain an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of food and beverage production from ordering to consumption. Food hygiene, menu design, food trends, food sustainability, event management and customer service are just a few of the   mouth-watering modules available on this program.

On completion of the program learners will be qualified to work in any food and beverage operation and possess the skills to progress up the career ladder

Diploma Duration: 24 Months 

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Rooms Professional Diploma

Learners will acquire the competencies, knowledge, and mindset to work in the largest hotel department, the Rooms Division.

The Rooms Division department is broad and diverse covering reception, bell desk, guest relations, housekeeping, laundry, and facilities.

The Rooms Division is the first and last impression making it a critical component in every customers visit.

The range of departments provides learners with a myriad of skills, resulting in a multitude of career options.

Diploma Duration: 24 Months 

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