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HACCP Training

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online course

HACCP Training

All of our HACCP Trainers are certified HACCP consultants who have applied the standards and written their own manuals.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

online course


About the Course

HACCP Training Upon completion of their specified Boecker® course, attendees will understand how to perform all of the steps required to implement the HACCP standard.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food. A HACCP System requires that potential hazards are identified and controlled at specific points in the process.

Who Should Attend this Training?
  • Hygiene officers
  • Quality assurance personnel
  • Food handlers (key personnel)
  • HACCP team members

This course provides all food handlers, operatives, and employees with a basic understanding of HACCP theory and practical application. It’s ideal for those employees working in food manufacturing, catering or retail, as well as those who work indirectly with food (i.e., food packaging and delivery).

Course attendees will learn the following:

  • The importance of Food Safety
  • The role and benefits of HACCP
  • The 7 principles of HACCP
  • Legal obligations of HACCP
  • The basic principles and practical application of HACCP
  • Identification of critical control points
  • Monitoring procedures

Price: 375 SAR

Time: 6 HOURS


This HACCP qualification is designed for all individuals accountable for the development and maintenance of HACCP systems in manufacturing, processing, catering, and retail food organizations (i.e., owners, managers, supervisors, food technologists, quality controllers, operations managers, production managers, HACCP team members, etc.).

The aim of this course is to teach the principles of HACCP, and their application to Food Safety. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to successfully implement HACCP and improve standards and compliance with legislative requirements within their own organization.

Course attendees will learn the following:

  • The role of HACCP within their industry
  • Legal obligations of HACCP
  • The principles and practical application of HACCP
  • Hazard analysis methodology
  • The 7 principles of HACCP
  • Identification of critical control points
  • Monitoring procedures
  • Verification of HACCP system
  • Management of HACCP system

Price: 2,000

Time: 2 DAYS


Ideal for those individuals working at a management level, and for quality assurance staff or members of a HACCP team, the Level 4 HACCP training course is recommended for those employees who hold the Level 3 Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing, or an equivalent qualification, and possess a solid understanding of their industry sector.

This extended course provides the skills necessary to support the implementation of a HACCP system, to critically evaluate HACCP plans, and understand the importance of having an effective HACCP system in place. Additionally, attendees will gain an understanding of how systems should be applied within their organization.

Course attendees will learn:

  • Principles of HACCP management for food manufacturing
  • The importance of HACCP-based Food Safety management procedures within their organization
  • How to manage and implement HACCP-based Food Safety management procedures
  • How to develop and evaluate HACCP-based Food Safety management procedures

Price: 4,000

Time: 4 DAYS


Boecker® HACCP courses are rich with exercises, case studies, hands-on applications, and audio-visual streaming to ensure all attendees understand the internationally recognized HACCP requirements, as well as their role in implementing these procedures at the workplace.

All of our HACCP Trainers are certified HACCP consultants who have applied the standards and written their own manuals. 


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