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Customer Service Course 


Learn the best practices of Customer Service; whether you are a Customer Service professional, a manager, or looking to improve your skills, this course is open to anyone from any industry. 

About the Course

Customer Service training 

This course introduces the fundamental principles of providing high-quality customer service and focuses on building lifelong customer relationship strategies. It examines various service situations and develops the right attitude critical to success in all organizations. This course will develop the necessary skills for success as a customer service provider.

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 
- Define and explain the importance of outstanding customer service in a company
- Discuss the key customer service theories, concepts, and models
- Apply critical strategies and tools within the workplace
- Demonstrate soft skills within the work environment to support better customer service 
- Deal with demanding clients and complaints 
- Exceed customer’s expectations
- Practice different situations 

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