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F&B Service Professional Diploma

Through a blended learning model, students will acquire the competencies required to be fully operational within different restaurant concepts following the standards of a first-class restaurant setting. At the end of the Diploma, students will have a deep understanding of how the management of a F&B establishment is conducted and the tools needed to be successful.


Students graduating from this program will have the capacity to successfully work independently in a F&B setting and be well-equipped to enter the industry and reach a supervisory position within a short period of time. The course content is benchmarked on the Swiss vocational competency framework for F&B Professionals.


Program Aims

Graduates of the F&B Service Professional Diploma will be proficient in the following activities and will be distinguished by the following behaviors:


  1. As hosts, they organize events according to an establishment's guidelines and they ensure that the layout of the restaurant space is fitting and that the atmosphere is welcoming.

  2. Through their personality, they create a pleasant atmosphere and ensure the well-being of their customers. They identify the specific needs of their guests and take appropriate measures to satisfy them.

  3. They prepare the Food & Beverage service, both in the daily service and for events and they advise customers on appropriate beverages. They make blends and present cocktails, and then serve the beverages to customers.

  4. They can use reservation, order, and cash register systems, establish bills and collect revenue.

  5. They master the principles of hygiene and occupational safety. They ensure that the value of premises, installations and appliances is preserved and that energy and equipment are used economically.



Foundation – In this first certificate, students will acquire the basic skills required to be operational in a restaurant. The skills learned will be reinforced and applied during a 3-month internship experience.


Intermediate – After having acquired the skills to operate independently in a restaurant, students will acquire the competencies to work in different restaurant settings. The skills learned will be reinforced and applied during a 3-month internship experience.

Advanced – Following 1-year of studies or combined with previous professional experience, students will focus on restaurant management skills. To complete the program, the skills learned will be reinforced and applied during a 3-month internship experience

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